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About us

Fixin’ San Mateo County (FxSMC) is a local grassroots organization working to enact effective civilian oversight of the County Sheriff’s Office. To that end, we are:


Our mission is clear. Every action is taken to further our goal.


We do real work to bring meaningful, lasting change.


We work with other groups that share our goal.

Our Goal

Establishment of effective civilian oversight of the Sheriff’s Office and creation of an Inspector General in San Mateo County

We believe the conduct and administration of our law enforcement should reflect the shared values of our community. Transparency and accountability benefit both citizens and members of the Sheriff’s Office. It reduces the risk of costly liability to the county and its taxpayers by identifying and addressing issues and preventing problems.

Fixin’ San Mateo County is a California 501(c)(4) organization.

Our Scope

Within ScopeOutside of Scope
AgenciesSheriff’s Office
District Attorney’s Office
Board of Supervisors
City Police Departments
City Councils
ActionsCreation of a civilian oversight board and Inspector General, both with subpoena powerOversight of city police departments