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This page contains news article for those interested in all facets of law enforcement oversight and reform. These articles span all states and cover police departments as well as Sheriff's departments. We're providing this information for those who wish to better understand why oversight is needed, the challenges it faces, and where and how it has improved the communities that have adopted it. Articles will open in a new tab.

Rep. Jackie Speier champions civilian oversight at local group’s meeting

Speier addressed the members of Fixin’ San Mateo County, a grassroots organization working to establish civilian oversight of the sheriff’s office and an inspector general with subpoena power, as a special guest at their monthly membership meeting Tuesday night. Speier, who endorsed the movement earlier this year, talked about the value of civilian oversight in democracy, answering questions from the public and sharing her own experiences serving on oversight committees. Fifty-three people attended the virtual event.

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County officials take next steps towards establishing civilian oversight of the sheriff’s office

The establishment of civilian oversight over the San Mateo County County Sheriff’s Office seems increasingly likely after receiving strong support from the Board of Supervisors this week.

The board voted unanimously on Tuesday to create an ad hoc committee that will research and report on potential civilian oversight. Supervisors Dave Pine and Warren Slocum were appointed to the committee.

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San Mateo County supervisors co-sign Sheriff’s Office oversight

San Mateo County supervisors expressed their support for establishing a civilian oversight board charged with monitoring the Sheriff’s Office and formed an ad hoc committee to look into the issue. Both board President Don Horsley, a former county sheriff, and Supervisor Carole Groom said they were initially against an oversight board but community input swayed them to change their mind.

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A grassroots organization is collecting endorsements for a sheriff’s office oversight committee

Members of the local grassroots organization, Fixin’ San Mateo County, gave a presentation to the [North Fair Oaks Community Council] during Thursday’s meeting and asked them to send a letter of support for the group to the Board of Supervisors. The council voted unanimously to pass a resolution to send the letter endorsing Fixin’ SMC, which would ask the board to consider establishing a county civilian oversight board and an inspector general with subpoena power to address complaints, investigate issues and make policy suggestions.

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San Mateo County launches probe in Batmobile raid

San Mateo County has hired a former Alameda County Superior Court judge to conduct an independent investigation into the handling of the raid of an Indiana specialty car shop by San Mateo County sheriff’s deputies involving a custom Batmobile. The county has hired Winifred Smith, who spent 21 years as a judge and 26 years as deputy attorney general in California. Don Horsley, president of the Board of Supervisors said the county picked someone who had no connection to the board or the Sheriff’s Office to avoid conflicts of interest and to reassure residents.

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