Our Board

  • Jim Lawrence


    Jim Lawrence (he/him) has held leadership roles at for profit & nonprofit organizations, most recently Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Expertus Inc., a global provider of business execution software and services for the…read more

  • Miosotti Tenecora

    Miosotti Tenecora

    Vice Chair

    Miosotti H. Tenecora (she/her) is an immigration attorney in San Mateo County. She has over ten years of public service experience. She is a passionate advocate of international human rights, immigrant’s rights, and the elimination of…read more

  • Stacy Owens

    Stacy Owens

    Treasurer & Secretary

    Stacy Owens (she/her) has 20 years experience in political treasury and compliance, and non-profit bookkeeping and accounting. She is a longtime active member of the California Political Treasurers’ Association and a longtime vegan activist.…read more

  • Nancy Goodban

    Nancy Goodban

    Executive Director

    Nancy Goodban (she/her) was born in Oakland and has lived in Redwood City since 2006. She worked as an administrator, researcher and consultant in health and human services for 40 years, holding deputy director positions in Santa Clara and Santa…read more

  • Nora Melendez

    Nora Meléndez

    Nora Meléndez (she/her) is an entrepreneur, advocate for immigrants rights, writer and mother. She has lived and worked in San Mateo County since 1983 after immigrating from Mexico. Most recently she earned a certification in Leadership in…read more

  • Joy Pasamonte Henry

    Joy Pasamonte Henry, who immigrated to the U.S. in her early twenties, has been a resident of Millbrae for over ten years.  She is a product manager for a financial institution during the day, with experience in project and product…read more

  • James Coleman

    James Coleman is a lifelong resident of South San Francisco, attending Ponderosa Elementary, Alta Loma Middle School, and South San Francisco High School. After graduating, James went on to Harvard University where he earned a Bachelor’s…read more

  • Paul Bocanegra

    Paul Bocanegra

    Paul Bocanegra (he/him) was condemned to life in prison without parole at the age of 17. Paul served twenty-five and a half years, more than twelve of those in solitary confinement. He was paroled under Senate Bill 9, which gave youth with life…read more