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What are some volunteer opportunities with FxsMC?

  • Visit farmers markets, street fairs, and other community events to distribute surveys and information about FxSMC.
  • Help get the word out on Facebook, or Instagram, LinkedIn,¬†Threads, or Bluesky.
  • Connect with communities that are disproportionately impacted by the Sheriff’s Office to make sure their concerns are heard.
  • Organize or support events‚ÄĒanything from recruiting speakers and running webinars to bringing snacks or setting up chairs for in-person events.
  • Are you experienced with talking to the media? You can help guide our messaging for maximum effectiveness.
  • Bring your expertise to our digital systems and tech infrastructure.

And more! We need many people to help make oversight a reality. Please fill out our volunteer form and we will contact you to talk about how you can help. Thank you.