Letters from individuals

Fixin’ SMC has submitted a draft ordinance to the County Board of Supervisors to start the process of creating independent oversight. The Board can vote to approve this ordinance, bringing civilian oversight and all its benefits to San Mateo County. Read our draft ordinance here.

We need as many county residents as possible to help by emailing your Supervisor, and asking them to support this ordinance. The Board of Supervisors can create a civilian oversight board, and an Office of the Inspector General, under the power given to them by a law signed in 2020. They will do this when they know that county residents are demanding it.

Find your Supervisor here

Sample text to use in your letter


I am writing in support of the draft ordinance proposed by Fixin’ San Mateo County to ask the Board of Supervisors to use your legislative authority under AB 1185 to enact a strong and independent Civilian Oversight Board and Inspector General office for the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. 

Independent and effective civilian oversight is common sense, good government, and fiscally responsible. It will protect civil rights, support effective policing, ensure transparency and greater accountability, and help build more positive relationships between the community and the Sheriff’s Office.   

Communities everywhere are becoming more aware of law enforcement abuses, including the murder of George Floyd and many other examples.  Our county will join a rapidly growing movement of civilian oversight in our country, which includes 220 cities and counties nationwide (25 just in California). San Mateo County is one of the last remaining counties in the Bay Area without oversight.

Please use your legal authority as our elected officials to enact a strong and independent Civilian Oversight Board and Inspector General office.