Judge places Santa Rita Jail under external oversight, ending mental health abuse lawsuit

Santa Rita Jail is run by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and holds roughly 2,000 detainees on any given day, making it one of the largest jails in the country. The jail’s treatment of people with mental disabilities was at the core of the class action lawsuit—Babu v. Ahern—and the practice of locking people in isolation…

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L.A. County sheriff’s unit accused of targeting political enemies, vocal critics

The unit, named the Civil Rights and Public Integrity Detail, has pursued a long-running investigation into one of Villanueva’s most vocal critics, L.A. County Inspector General Max Huntsman, and others despite sheriff’s officials being told by the FBI and state law enforcement officials that it appeared no crimes had been committed, a senior sheriff’s official said.

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Suburban police killings are more common yet face less scrutiny in Bay Area

Historically, the political and social response to police violence has been muted in Bay Area suburbs, where use-of-force is subject to less oversight than in cities. The reasons are complicated, but the reality is unsettling: more deaths in areas with fewer mechanisms to bring justice to families, transparency to the public or robust investigations of…

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6 Bay Area Ballot Measures That Could Strengthen Civilian Oversight of Police

In the Bay Area alone, at least six measures on local ballots seek to expand the authority of police commissions and strengthen independent investigations. The measures go before voters just two months after the California Legislature failed to pass several major statewide police accountability bills — including one to remove police officers who commit serious misconduct —…

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